A space for every occasion, every mood.

Novo’s spaces are individually unique, and if they stood alone, each would make a wonderful setting. Combined, they offer what few venues do—a blend where you can mix your experiences. Whatever your preference, whatever your mood, a Novo space will match it.


Novo is proud to offer fine food and a friendly, experienced staff, as well as a beautiful location for all large-party needs.
We will work with you to ensure that the event reflects your own taste and personal touches. Our goal is to relieve you of the many details that go along with hosting a successful party, so that you, as well as your guests, can thoroughly enjoy your special event. 

Our large-party menus are available below.  Choose from one of these formats or create a custom menu for your event with our chefs.

Comida (Appetizer Option)  |  Dia (Lunch Option)  |  Galera (Dinner Option)  |  Casamento (Dinner Option)
Alegre (Dinner Option)  |  Aurora (Brunch Option)