The Upstairs Lounge

Downtown sights, high tables, or low, tucked-in chairs. A large, beautiful window, letting in just the right amount of light. A classic bar. This is the Novo lounge.

The upstairs lounge combines the sights, sounds, and energy of a popular, well-loved restaurant. The space is available for dining on the weekdays, and during the weekends, it’s used as a late-night lounge.

A few details about the upstairs space …

Warm gold walls on one side contrast with the original 1897 brick wall on the other side. The window seat bar? It has a story, too. It was originally downstairs, along with the barbacks. Both were re-purposed and brought upstairs.

The tables are copper and silver foil, which contrast nicely with the Brazilian cherry-wood floor. Much of the artwork filling the upstairs space comes from local artists. Colors mix with light and blend with texture, beautifully, in this upstairs lounge space. Make your reservation today. SUBMIT YOUR EVENT INQUIRIES HERE!