The Cellar

If you’re in the mood for an intimate gathering with friends, or if you just want to escape to a dimly lit atmosphere framed by softly flickering candlelight and music, the Novo cellar is what you’re looking for.

While you’re enjoying your meal or drink, pause for a moment and look around. You’ll notice the details. Each has a story.

Robin frequents antique malls, San Francisco warehouses, and local galleries. He fills the Novo spaces with his treasures.

On the wall, almost 20 mirrors expand the space and offer a perfect contrast to the subdued walls. The lamps were gifts, from a friend’s trip to Syria. In the corner, tucked near the brick wall, you’ll notice a giant safe, which was an original piece from the cigar factory. Decorations on top of the safe rotate. Currently, the safe is decorated with copper impressions of a Chinese man and woman. The piece was a present to Robin and Shanny, and for years it resided at Robin’s Restaurant in Cambria.

Tucked toward the street side—it is actually built underneath the sidewalk—sits the wine cellar. Over 2,500 bottles of Novo’s extensive wine collection are stored in this space. Curious about the collection? Peruse the wine menuSUBMIT YOUR EVENT INQUIRIES HERE!