A space for every occasion, every mood

A romantic night out, framed by candlelight. A sunny afternoon meal on the patio. An evening with friends, tucked in the downstairs cellar. A perfectly blended cocktail from the bar.

Novo’s spaces are individually unique, and if they stood alone, each would make a wonderful setting. Combined, they offer what few venues do—a blend where you can mix your experiences. Whatever your preference, whatever your mood, a Novo space will match it.

The original cigar factory building, re-purposed, but preserved

The building that houses Novo was a cigar factory in the late 1800s that produced hand-rolled cigars, sold under the brand name “Pioneer Cigars.” The original owners, the Kluvers, turned the space into a tobacco store in the 1920s. When the building sold, it was converted to an elegant restaurant and bar, appropriately called The Cigar Factory Restaurant. Since then, three other restaurants have occupied the historic space.

When Robin took the structure over, he wanted to preserve the building’s unique heritage and honor its architecture. A few years after opening Novo, Robin remodeled the outside patio. The renovation raised the patio, making it easier for the wait staff to serve, and it expanded the space so that more guests could enjoy the beautiful creek.

Each patio section, each interior space, has a story. Learn more by browsing each of the Spaces featured. SUBMIT YOUR EVENT INQUIRIES HERE!