November News

IMG_3084Featured Dish –

The Chow Returns as…
Lo Mein!
A fresh new twist.
Introducing Lo Mein, a Chinese stir fry of seasonal vegetables, your choice of protein and fresh wheat noodles flavored with garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

Featured Dish –IMG_2955

Lox Style Arctic Char
This is our take on Lox with an Asian twist.  We house cure Icelandic Arctic Char (a sustainable fish in the salmon family) and pair it with tamarin and braised lotus root.  This is a great light and refreshing starter dish.  Enjoy anytime of the day!  Available on the lunch, dinner and brunch menus.

IMG_2597Featured Cocktail- The Fall of Prohibition

A throwback to the Champagne Cocktail created by “Professor” Jerry Thomas in his book, Bon Vivant’s Companion (1862).  Substituting classic champagne with Bradley, CA produced Mission Trail Cider, The Fall of Prohibition sips crisp like an autumn evening with wonderful apple notes from both the cider and support from Germain-Robin Apple Brandy. Enjoy a new spin on a classic on our patio today!

Featured Employee: Vanessa MelendezIMG_2660

The Novo family consists of many faces with a common thread, a lot of heart and passion for service and hospitality.  Vanessa Melendez, a Novo fixture for the last 6 years, is the perfect example this.  Whether she is serving and feeling the rewarding experience of happy customers enjoying great meals or managing Novo’s weekend late night scene, you can bet you’ll see her with a genuine smile on her face.

But the most rewarding experience, she says, is always when customers are excited to come back to Novo. Whether you’re a frequent patron or you’re from out of town returning because of a fond Novo memory, she loves when customers share how happy they are to be back. “We treat all of our customers like our families.  We don’t just give you your food and take your money, we want you to sit and hang out with us for a while.”

You can catch Vanessa every Friday and Saturday night managing Beleza Nights.  A rockin’ late night ultra lounge that starts at 10pm, with a full bar, dance floor and rotating resident DJs.  “When the lounge is full and people are laughing and smiling, that’s when I’m happy.”

So be sure to ask for Vanessa the next time you visit Novo or SLO, for that matter. Ask Vanessa about her favorite things to do or wineries to visit.  She can’t wait to share SLO with you!

October News

IMG_2193Featured Team Member – Natalio Villar

Natalio Villar has been a fixture in the Novo kitchen for 5 years. He takes pride in his work as a prep cook and juggles it with his other full time kitchen position at Big Sky. His favorite part about working at Novo is his co-workers. He likes working as a team and he says it feels like a family. Speaking of family, when Natalio has time off from his two jobs, he is spends time at home with his wife and two young children. Laughing, he says he’s very busy but he enjoys all of it!



IMG_1675Featured Dish – Tombo Tuna Lettuce Wraps

This month’s must-try featured dish is the Tombo Tuna lettuce wraps made with butter leaf lettuce cups, fresh market vegetables, roasted peanuts, served with house made dipping sauces. Gluten-free and packed with flavor, this makes a great starter or a light lunch dish. Other protein options for lettuce wraps include tofu, beef, shrimp and chicken. Stop in today to enjoy!!

FullSizeRender-14Wine News: End of October List Changes

The weather is cooling, we are welcoming back our students, pumpkin spiced lattes are back, and our local winemakers have not had a day off in weeks…. all signs that autumn and harvest is upon us!  Autumn is one of my favorite wine “seasons” because the craving for refreshing wines has subsided and instead, we desire to sip on comforting wine.  Tropical and citrus fruit flavored whites are being traded for wines with great floral tones and rich minerality; lighter red wines are being swapped for spicy, earthy, and bold reds.

In celebration of the season, we will be bringing in some great new wines available by the glass and bottle.  A few noteworthy new wines are a pretty fantastic Chablis (chardonnay from the Chablis region of Burgundy, France) with all of the shell & limeston-ey goodness that we want out of wine from that region;  a local Malvasia Bianca from Clesi Winery which is fairly showy with great honey, pear and jasmine aromas; a Nebbiolo by local winemaker Ethan Lindquist who sourced this fruit exclusively from the small amount of Old Vine Nebbiolo available on Stolpman Vineyard in Sta. Ynez, and a great Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, France.

Come on in towards the end of the month to check out these great wines along with all of the other autumn wine selections!

IMG_2402Featured Artist – Kurt Waldo

Kurt Waldo is an artist with dynamic energy and creativity: as a mixed-media artist, he layers and distresses the surfaces of his works with a frenetic style, resulting in richly textured, multifaceted surfaces that evoke the spirit of 1950’s and 60’s expressionism, all while maintaining his unique aesthetic.

Kurt’s unique style comes from his combined use of several different media — oil, oil pastel, acrylic, colored pencil, crayon and house paint — and conventional and unconventional tools: brushes, sticks, pallet knives, scissors, and nails. However, Kurt’s love of music is the key to his method – it enhances his personal sense of rhythm, which gives each of his pieces a unique cadence. His work also demonstrates his passion for landscape photography and architecture, yet you will see very few representational elements in his works. These pieces exist to enhance the space they occupy – he desires that viewers create their own sense of meaning from what they see.

Many designers have recognized his work as the perfect accent to include in 1950’s-1960’s post-modern IMG_2407homes. He has fulfilled commissions for many clients, both for private residences and professional office spaces, including two pieces created for the boardroom of the Theatrical Union of New York City. But his work also has a general, far-reaching appeal: it has been featured in the television series Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries, and his work was featured in a spread within the West Elm Furniture Catalog as well as at the San Luis Obispo Art Museum’s “Brushstrokes” Show.

Kurt’s strengths as a commissioned artist lie in his ability to communicate effectively and understand his clientele’s objectives and needs; he does this all while creating works that capture his unique, energetic style. His ability to transform objective concepts into abstract works leads to the creation of truly captivating pieces. Kurt Waldo can be contacted through his website, which provides further insight into his philosophy and highlights a selection of his works.”


September News

IMG_1541_AubreyFeatured Employee – Aubrey Escalante

Aubrey Escalante joined her Novo family about a year and a half ago as a host. In a short time she moved her way through the ranks from host to busser to food runner to her current position, server.   You can find Aubrey during a sunny and relaxed lunch service on our creekside patios. “I absolutely love serving! It’s a more intimate exchange with our guests, as you are giving them an experience and making sure they have a great time.”

While she says lunchtime is her favorite shift to work, the weekend is fun because of the busy hustle & bustle and people are usually celebrating something. In her spare time Aubrey is all about arts and crafts. A self-described “artsy person” she sews, she sings (for select audiences only), she plays guitar. It’s no wonder she fits right in with the artistic & eclectic Novo vibe! On that note she says, “I feel lucky and privileged to say I work at Novo.” J

Pork Belly RamenFeatured Dish – Pork Belly Ramen Bowl

Come in and try our pork belly ramen bowl for lunch or dinner.  While some ramen dishes are composed with a broth, our ramen bowl focuses on the pork and fresh ramen noodles.  We sauté our slow roasted pork belly with shitake and woodear mushrooms, fresh ramen noodles, green onion and Thai basil.  The dish is finished with house made broccoli, sambal pickles and crispy bean curd.


Featured Cocktail – The Dark Alley

The Dark Alley is a mysterious cocktail sure to entice both newbies and veterans alike to the wonderful world of aged Rum. Showcasing a complex aged Reserva Rum from Diplomatico, a sharp Aztec Chocolate bitters from Fee Brothers, and a perfectly balanced Lucano Amaro, this drink stands up like a rich, chocolatey Manhattan to appease even the most discerning whiskey drinkers. Its beautiful amber color and velvety texture lends itself well against the single rock of ice keeping the boozy libation cold without dulling any of the unique flavors that culminate into a simply seductive experience.  A perfect way to ease into fall, the Dark Alley is best enjoyed on a brisk evening out on the patio at Novo. Cheers!

1 ¾ oz. Diplomatico Reserva Rum

¾ oz Amaro Lucano

2 Dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing tin and add ice. Stir gently until cold. Strain into rocks glass with large rock of ice.


August News


IMG_1402Featured Employee – Crecensico Villar

Crecensico Villar has been cooking local favorites downtown for nearly 15 years! A back of the house employee shared by Novo and Big Sky, Crecensico feels lucky to be in two “great kitchen environments,” he says.

Under the direction of Novo’s Executive Chef Ben, Crecensico recognizes the care and direction shared by the kitchen staff. Something that he says is essential for the success of their team. Bouncing back and forth between the two kitchens can be a change of pace, but he doesn’t mind the extra hours, he admits. The proud father of a Cal Poly student, he stays busy to support his 21 year-old daughter as she attends school.

Come Crecensico catch him at Novo during the weekday lunch hour to enjoy his fresh prepared salads on the patio!


Featured Dish – Tombo Tuna

One of our new additions to the menu this summer is the Tombo Tuna and chilled Somen Noodle Salad.  Fresh Tombo tuna pan seared rare and sliced over chilled Somen noodles with market carrots, radish, oyster mushrooms and pea sprouts.  Served with a side of black vinegar soy dressing and Amaranth sprouts. Perfect as a shared starter or as a meal day or night.





Sommelier and Novo Wine Director, Samantha Payette weighs in on our recent Wine Spectator Honor

“The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence is a special accolade for restaurants.  The publication has a really focused following of people who love wine and to dine out, so these awards are a perfect way to communicate which restaurants are not only going to satisfy their appetite, but also their interest in a great wine selection!  Similar to that of wine scoring, Spectator uses dollar signs to indicate if the wine list is overall, inexpensive or expensive to give guests an idea of what they will spend.  We are classified as “affordable,” which is right where I want to be.  This, to me, says we’re on track with our guests and our community.

Joes-Wine3-2We were selected for this award because our wine list has a great representation of stellar local wines of both AVA pioneers and small and up and coming producers.  Plus, we are very lucky to have a strong following of regular, local and wine industry guests who prefer to try something unique and hard to come by, which is why we also offer a wide diversity of wines from around the world!  I love our local producers, but sometimes it’s fun to try something different!”

Featured Artist – TD Caldwell


TD Caldwell – Fine Art World Class Laborer

Tim Caldwell grew up in Huntington Park, one of the ninety plus suburbs in search of a city, in Los Angeles, California. Tim moved to San Luis Obispo County 32 years ago where he was employed as an account manager for the local title companies. He has always enjoyed the arts and is a self-taught painter.

He started painting with acrylics six years ago, mentored by Atascadero artist Richard Summers. All he asks of life is a constant and exaggerated sense of his own importance. He claims to live in a world of his own, but says visitors are always welcome. He is too busy to have time for anything important. He can do without the essentials of life, but must have his luxuries. When not converting useless oxygen into valuable carbon dioxide ,he is busy contemplating the domestication of the dog. Some of the things that will live longest in his memory never really happened. He has been quoted as saying, “Try to be the best at what ever you do, even if what you do is not good. ”Tim is the type of artist who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel when he has a spare in the trunk. As Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”


July News

 IMG_0534Featured Employee – Damian Camacho, Server

Damian Camacho is a man of many hats around Novo. Starting as a busser almost seven years ago, he is now a server as well as a prominent fixture of Novo’s entertainment scene. Damian first arrived at Novo with no restaurant background and jokingly shares he knew he’d have to work for the restaurant in order to afford tasting the menu.

 Now, he gets to share that knowledge nightly as a server introducing customers to new flavors and a unique experience. His favorite part about serving is offering customers a surprise, he says, noting that the best suggestions are the ones that leave empty plates behind.

 Novo has also allowed Damian to develop his first interest: music. As a rotating DJ and with a recent promotion to the Sunday Night Music organizer, Damian gets to mix work and pleasure regularly. “It’s what makes me happy and drives my curiosity,” he says of his love for vinyl and performing. Outside of Novo, you can usually spot him either at Boo Boo Record’s or as part of The SLO Record Swap Project, founded by Novo DJ’s, Manuel Barba and Malik Thorne. In the future, Damian says he’d love to find a career where he can share more of his love for music with others.

 Currently, he has the chance to do so coordinating Sunday nights live jazz in The Cellar at Novo. A unique experience, these jazz themed evenings are full of notes, cocktails, and historical glamour, showcasing the historic building’s eclectic past as a jazz venue.

 Be sure to also catch Damian at Beleza Nights this summer, where he is among the rotating DJ’s featured on Friday and Saturday nights.

Chicken IMG_0677

Featured Dish – Mary’s Half Chicken

All natural Mary’s half chicken over steamed Freekah with sautéed fennel, red onion and market cherry tomatoes.  Finished with an opal basil pesto and gold beet sprouts. We are proud to support Mary’s Free Range Chickens. This California family farm produces free range, organic and pasture-raised chickens. We’re sure you’ll taste the difference!

Spice Trader Cocktail image

Featured Cocktail – The Spice Trader

The Spice Trader blends traditional London Dry Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Basil, and housemade Ginger Syrup to accompany a warm Summer afternoon on the back patio or perfect to compliment some of our new, spicier Asian Dishes.  Muddled Pink Peppercorn  and Candied Ginger adds a little zing as well as beautiful presentation.

1 3/4 oz. Broker’s London Dry Gin

3/4 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

3/4 oz. Ginger Syrup

3-4 leaves Fresh Basil

10 Pink Peppercorns

1 Candied Ginger for Garnish

In Mixing Tumbler, Muddle Basil and Peppercorn lightly. Fill with Ice and add remaining liquid ingredients.  Shake vigorously(about 8-12 seconds) and strain into a Coupe or Martini neat and garnish with a skewered piece of Candied Ginger.

June News

 IMG_0370Featured Employee – Tim Beebee, Bar Director

Tim Beebee came to Novo in 2004. He was 19 years old, “liked beer,” and had never tried sushi. Now, 11 years later, with a European trip and Asian trek under his belt and a curious, creative appetite to boot, you can still find him behind the bar, ready to mix you something exquisite.

Tim is one of the few remaining original employees, hired when Novo was still just a deli case and a walk-up counter. He bashfully admits he had no interest in more exotic foods or wine back then, crediting his many years with Novo for his developed appreciation for finer dining.

Today he heads the bar at Novo and challenges himself to maintain a simplistic, yet innovative and different feel for the restaurant. He stays up-to-date following other bartenders and is always looking for ways to utilize local ingredients in current drink recipes.

“[I like] taking raw ingredients and bending them to however you want to and however your personality shows through…that’s what’s really cool, the versatility of it all.”  Come check out Tim soon for his latest summer treats, just around the corner!


Featured Dish – Piedmontese Ribeye Steak

If you are looking for a unique steak experience, Novo has what you are looking for.  We are now serving a delicious certified Piedmontese Ribeye steak!  The Piedmontese breed originated in Italy and has qualities that make it superior to all other breeds.  Piedmontese beef is unique because it has an inactive myostatin gene that produces a double muscled beef that’s rich in protein and nutrients. We grill our ribeyes to your liking, serving them with garlic roasted new potatoes, market vegetables and a bone marrow compound butter to finish the dish.  Novo is the only restaurant on the central coast offering Certified Piedmontese beef. A great dinner choice for your next visit to Novo!


Bar News – Novo Welcomes Scarecrow!

“Cult Cabs”, a term that is often overused, describes a Cabernet Sauvignon, usually from Napa, which is hard to come by and equally as hard on the wallet.   There are however, a few genuine producers that really do have that magical blend of the perfect vineyard, the right winemaker and the resources required to truly showcase the land the way it was meant to be.   Scarecrow, out of Rutherford, is just that special. The J.J. Cohn vineyard in Rutherford is home to the oldest vines of Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa, with the original block of Cabernet Sauvignon being planted in 1945, shortly after the successful release of his favorite movie that he ever produced, “The Wizard of Oz”.   These original 1945 plantings, now known as the “Old Men” block is reserved for the wine known as Scarecrow”. Only 400 cases of this highly sought after wine is produced annually so we feel very fortunate to have secured a small allocation for Novo which makes our award winning wine selection just that much more exciting!

April News


Aaron Wines

This month we are featuring a local winemaker, Aaron Jackson, of Aaron Wines. He’s most known for his Aaron Petite Sirah, which he’s been producing since 2002 and that we feature on our list here at Novo, as well as, at our sister restaurants, Luna Red and Robin’s.

 Aaron grew up on the Central Coast in Cayucos and has been producing wine for the last 14 years. The first reason he got into winemaking was the fact that he was born and raised on the Central Coast and wanted to live here for the rest of his life. He always wanted to develop a career centered around what he considers to be one of the most amazing communities in the world, which he loves. In his opinion, local business is the heart and soul of why it’s so special here. Secondly, he always wanted a multi-dimensional career, and as a winemaker you never get the opportunity to be bored. Winemaking encompasses art, science, business, and most importantly, a connection with mother nature and the land where he lives. Every year is a new set of challenges, risks, and rewards. Aaron is captivated by the place that he calls home, growing grapes and making wine here  – in essence expressing the terroir of where he lives and breathes. It is an incredibly rewarding job!

The brand Aaron was created to showcase Petite Sirah from the limestone hillsides of westside Paso Robles. The goal was to be against the grain and focus on a varietal that has enormous potential in Paso Robles, but was not being realized at the time Aaron began making wine. He was looking to open the eyes of consumers to the amazing wines that Petite Sirah can produce, and how the varietal is so perfectly suited to Paso. His other brand, Aequorea (latin for “of the sea”) was created to focus on pioneering individual vineyard sites in SLO County that are extremely close to the ocean. With Aequorea Aaron produces Pinot Noir and aromatic white wines from vineyards all within 6-miles of the ocean, from sites in San Simeon, Cambria, Cayucos, and Pismo Beach – all sites that most people wouldn’t know had vineyards. When you’re growing as close to the ocean as some of these sites are, it can be a very man vs. nature kind of relationship!

Most recently Aaron built a winery in Paso Robles in a new area that has been dubbed “Tin City” (no relation to the Tin City of Cambria). The area is near Templeton just off Hwy 101, and recently became home to about a dozen wineries, as well as, Barrelhouse Brewing Co. and a new distillery. It’s an exciting area for Paso Robles, with all the wineries being within walking distance from each other, and the area regularly has live music and food trucks in the neighborhood! We highly encourage you to visit Aaron Wines, winery and tasting room, at 3050 Limestone Way in Paso Robles, just off Ramada Drive.

FeaturedSpirits_Amaro bottlesFeatured Spirit Amaro

We are welcoming several new Amaro brands to our liquor program.

“Amaro”, which means ‘bitter’ in Italian, is a liqueur that is commonly drunk as an after dinner Aperitif.  Viscous, and bitter-sweet in taste; they are generally lower in alcohol and perfect to round out an evening.

Our featured Amaro brands are named after the family which produces them and are as follows:





Santa Maria



In order to familiarize or reacquaint yourself to these delicious new additions, we are offering them as a flight option.  Three 1 oz. pours of your choice, $12.


FeaturedFood_FalafelFeatured Dish from our New Spring Menu

Come and try our Falafel appetizer on the new spring menu.  A blend of chickpeas, onion, fresh herbs, and toasted spices fried to perfection.  Served with grilled flatbread, vine ripened tomatoes, butter lettuce, mint, cilantro, lemon tahini yogurt and a cucumber red onion relish.  Another great appetizer to start your meal or share with friends!

IMG_9846Featured Employee: Matt Kubat

As we enter a bountiful spring season we would like to highlight one of our dedicated and hard-working employees, Produce Buyer, Matt Kubat. You may have seen Matt at any one of the various farmers’ markets around the County. He goes to market on an average of 3-4 times a week to purchase fresh produce for Novo and sister restaurants, Luna Red and Robin’s. Matt fosters great relationships with local producers and purveyors, ensuring the freshest ingredients make the journey from farm to table, while also supporting our local economy. So the next time you’re at the farmers’ market you might get an opportunity to say hello to Matt and give him a well-deserved pat on the back!

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