February News

Welcome February! With an uncharacteristically warm January, this month we are hoping for some rain for our earth while simultaneously, taking advantage of the extra vitamin D. This month also comes with an added scent of romance in the air, and we don’t want to miss out on any of it. Are you with us?

What’s more romantic than a creekside dinner with your Valentine? We will have dinner specials awaiting your arrival, and our wine list is brimming with choice bottles for you and your date (check out one option below). So whether you have a long standing Valentine, a new love, a daddy-daughter (or any parent-child!) outing, or a sweet friend to celebrate with, we look forward to celebrating love with you…



We asked our wine director, Kielly Lewis, about a bottle she’s currently excited about from each location (Mint + Craft, Novo, Luna Red, Robin’s), and to tell us a little about it. Here’s this month’s pick:


Producer: Florent Cosme
Winemaker: Florent Cosme
Varietal: Chenin Blanc
Vintage: 2015
Growing Region: Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

Florent Cosme is, pardon my language, a bada** winemaker. He is 30 years old and only on his third vintage, yet his wines are already highly regarded and accomplished. I take a lot of inspiration from him––not only because we are the same age––but because he is truly a steward of the land he farms and cares for––strictly adhering to biodynamic and organic practices. This Chenin Blanc is the most intensely aromatic and delicious I’ve come across from the Loire Valley. The wine’s nickname, “Coup de Fougue”, means sudden or intense ardor and passion––there could not be a more appropriate name for this wine. It is a pure Vouvray with all the trademarks of a great Chenin Blanc from the Loire: quince fruit, apple and pear, honey, wax and a thrilling tension provided by superb acidity. This wine was an easy choice to make and I especially enjoy it with the curries and seafood dishes here at Novo.

–Kielly Lewis, wine director


We caught up with our Produce Purveyor, Noah Nute, to find out what’s in season this month at our local Farmers’ Market…

citrus! mandarins, kumquats,  oranges, bear limes
bok choy
chilacayote- strange squash
romanesco– first documented in Italy; although a more extravagant looking version of broccoli/cauliflower, the flavor is more subtle-delicate and nutty
pomegranates– extremely beneficial for your health (i.e. high in antioxidants & vitamin c, cancer preventing, anti-inflammatory); wonderful addition to salads, parfaits, and like everything else, chocolate
fennel bulb-very high in fiber; licorice-like smell/taste, in the carrot family; perfect as a salad with olive oil, S&P, parsley, lemon juice, and a little bit of sumac.
scallions– very young onions harvested before the bulb has had a chance to swell; perfect garnish for dishes, great addition to dips/soups; widely used in all forms of cuisine all over the world.

winter strawberries– definite perk of living in California is the ability to have strawberries in “off season” due to our amazing weather
grapefruit– hybrid fruit formed in Barbados: 1 part sweet orange, 1 part pomelo; metabolism booster, tart zing and slightly bitter finish

726 @ NOVO

Late Night at Novo has a new look, and we’re bringing more classy, loungy vibes your way. It’s now 726–our street number on Higuera–so you’ll remember where to meet (think of it as our calling card). Capping the party at 55, be sure to make it to our door at 10p & plan to stay late–sipping on craft cocktails, dancing to the dj’s mix late into the evening, all alongside your nearest & dearest weekend warriors.