January News

Happy New Year everyone! As we reflect on 2017 and ahead to this new year, the possibilities fill us to the brim. As we roll out all our ideas and plans for 2018, be sure to stop on by and get a taste of Novo during restaurant month!


We will be serving dinner consisting of three courses for $30, Sunday-Thursday. Pair with with a wine flight or enjoy featured bottles to get the new year started off just right.


We caught up with our Produce Purveyor, Noah Nute, to find out what’s in season this month at our local Farmers’ Market…

kiwis- aka Chinese Gooseberry; very high in Vitamin C (very beneficial if you are fighting a cold!)
bok choy- aka Chinese cabbage; contains lots of folate which can potentially protect against cancer and prevent the cells from forming; tastes great sauteed with garlic, ginger, olive oil, s&p!
tatsoi- aka spoon mustard due to the spoon-like shape of their leaves; of Chinese decent; tastes similar to mustard greens
chayote– squash/melon family; best peeled under water due to their sticky juice; very high in fiber; Latin American decent; tastes great cooked with cumin, evoo, s&p, garlic
loquats- aka Japanese Plum; sweet when ripe and full of floral flavors (similar to plums and apricots)
dried fruit

726 @ NOVO

Late Night at Novo has a new look, and we’re bringing more classy, loungy vibes your way. It’s now 726–our street number on Higuera–so you’ll remember where to meet (think of it as our calling card). Capping the party at 55, be sure to make it to our door at 10p & plan to stay late–sipping on craft cocktails, dancing to the dj’s mix late into the evening, all alongside your nearest & dearest weekend warriors.