Featured Team Member: Christopher Acord

IMG_4994Chris Acord first got his start behind the bar 14 years ago while working at a restaurant & bar in Visalia, Mr. Gables, after the previous bartender walked out during his shift. His manager asked if Chris could take over and it was a natural fit for his personality and interests. Community is an important word in Chris’s world. Whether he’s participating in community theater, building a life SLO (a community he never wants to leave) or tending bar and working in the service industry, it’s important to Chris that he is giving back to his community.

Chris most enjoys making cocktails when a guest can tell him what they like and he can spontaneously craft a unique drink just for them. And when it’s the “best drink they’ve ever tasted”….well, that’s instant gratification. Chris never considered bartending as a career until a time in his life when he realized he really enjoyed it, he was good at it and had acquired great knowledge of wine and spirits. He likes working at Novo as he sees the bar and kitchen starting to become more holistic in their cross-utilization of products. His experience working in a high-volume restaurant serves him well and he enjoys the sense of family and community among staff and patrons.

In his free time Chris enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and 8 year-old daughter, who he boasts is becoming tri-lingual and has recently acquired her second belt in Kung Fu. He is also a self-professed cinephile and Sci-Fi aficionado. This Father’s Day, Chris plans to spend the day away from his Novo family to go camping with his daughter.