November News

IMG_3084Featured Dish –

The Chow Returns as…
Lo Mein!
A fresh new twist.
Introducing Lo Mein, a Chinese stir fry of seasonal vegetables, your choice of protein and fresh wheat noodles flavored with garlic, ginger and soy sauce.

Featured Dish –IMG_2955

Lox Style Arctic Char
This is our take on Lox with an Asian twist.  We house cure Icelandic Arctic Char (a sustainable fish in the salmon family) and pair it with tamarin and braised lotus root.  This is a great light and refreshing starter dish.  Enjoy anytime of the day!  Available on the lunch, dinner and brunch menus.

IMG_2597Featured Cocktail- The Fall of Prohibition

A throwback to the Champagne Cocktail created by “Professor” Jerry Thomas in his book, Bon Vivant’s Companion (1862).  Substituting classic champagne with Bradley, CA produced Mission Trail Cider, The Fall of Prohibition sips crisp like an autumn evening with wonderful apple notes from both the cider and support from Germain-Robin Apple Brandy. Enjoy a new spin on a classic on our patio today!

Featured Employee: Vanessa MelendezIMG_2660

The Novo family consists of many faces with a common thread, a lot of heart and passion for service and hospitality.  Vanessa Melendez, a Novo fixture for the last 6 years, is the perfect example this.  Whether she is serving and feeling the rewarding experience of happy customers enjoying great meals or managing Novo’s weekend late night scene, you can bet you’ll see her with a genuine smile on her face.

But the most rewarding experience, she says, is always when customers are excited to come back to Novo. Whether you’re a frequent patron or you’re from out of town returning because of a fond Novo memory, she loves when customers share how happy they are to be back. “We treat all of our customers like our families.  We don’t just give you your food and take your money, we want you to sit and hang out with us for a while.”

You can catch Vanessa every Friday and Saturday night managing Beleza Nights.  A rockin’ late night ultra lounge that starts at 10pm, with a full bar, dance floor and rotating resident DJs.  “When the lounge is full and people are laughing and smiling, that’s when I’m happy.”

So be sure to ask for Vanessa the next time you visit Novo or SLO, for that matter. Ask Vanessa about her favorite things to do or wineries to visit.  She can’t wait to share SLO with you!