October News

IMG_2193Featured Team Member – Natalio Villar

Natalio Villar has been a fixture in the Novo kitchen for 5 years. He takes pride in his work as a prep cook and juggles it with his other full time kitchen position at Big Sky. His favorite part about working at Novo is his co-workers. He likes working as a team and he says it feels like a family. Speaking of family, when Natalio has time off from his two jobs, he is spends time at home with his wife and two young children. Laughing, he says he’s very busy but he enjoys all of it!



IMG_1675Featured Dish – Tombo Tuna Lettuce Wraps

This month’s must-try featured dish is the Tombo Tuna lettuce wraps made with butter leaf lettuce cups, fresh market vegetables, roasted peanuts, served with house made dipping sauces. Gluten-free and packed with flavor, this makes a great starter or a light lunch dish. Other protein options for lettuce wraps include tofu, beef, shrimp and chicken. Stop in today to enjoy!!

FullSizeRender-14Wine News: End of October List Changes

The weather is cooling, we are welcoming back our students, pumpkin spiced lattes are back, and our local winemakers have not had a day off in weeks…. all signs that autumn and harvest is upon us!  Autumn is one of my favorite wine “seasons” because the craving for refreshing wines has subsided and instead, we desire to sip on comforting wine.  Tropical and citrus fruit flavored whites are being traded for wines with great floral tones and rich minerality; lighter red wines are being swapped for spicy, earthy, and bold reds.

In celebration of the season, we will be bringing in some great new wines available by the glass and bottle.  A few noteworthy new wines are a pretty fantastic Chablis (chardonnay from the Chablis region of Burgundy, France) with all of the shell & limeston-ey goodness that we want out of wine from that region;  a local Malvasia Bianca from Clesi Winery which is fairly showy with great honey, pear and jasmine aromas; a Nebbiolo by local winemaker Ethan Lindquist who sourced this fruit exclusively from the small amount of Old Vine Nebbiolo available on Stolpman Vineyard in Sta. Ynez, and a great Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, France.

Come on in towards the end of the month to check out these great wines along with all of the other autumn wine selections!

IMG_2402Featured Artist – Kurt Waldo

Kurt Waldo is an artist with dynamic energy and creativity: as a mixed-media artist, he layers and distresses the surfaces of his works with a frenetic style, resulting in richly textured, multifaceted surfaces that evoke the spirit of 1950’s and 60’s expressionism, all while maintaining his unique aesthetic.

Kurt’s unique style comes from his combined use of several different media — oil, oil pastel, acrylic, colored pencil, crayon and house paint — and conventional and unconventional tools: brushes, sticks, pallet knives, scissors, and nails. However, Kurt’s love of music is the key to his method – it enhances his personal sense of rhythm, which gives each of his pieces a unique cadence. His work also demonstrates his passion for landscape photography and architecture, yet you will see very few representational elements in his works. These pieces exist to enhance the space they occupy – he desires that viewers create their own sense of meaning from what they see.

Many designers have recognized his work as the perfect accent to include in 1950’s-1960’s post-modern IMG_2407homes. He has fulfilled commissions for many clients, both for private residences and professional office spaces, including two pieces created for the boardroom of the Theatrical Union of New York City. But his work also has a general, far-reaching appeal: it has been featured in the television series Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries, and his work was featured in a spread within the West Elm Furniture Catalog as well as at the San Luis Obispo Art Museum’s “Brushstrokes” Show.

Kurt’s strengths as a commissioned artist lie in his ability to communicate effectively and understand his clientele’s objectives and needs; he does this all while creating works that capture his unique, energetic style. His ability to transform objective concepts into abstract works leads to the creation of truly captivating pieces. Kurt Waldo can be contacted through his website www.kurtwaldo.com, which provides further insight into his philosophy and highlights a selection of his works.”