Featured Artist – TD Caldwell


TD Caldwell – Fine Art World Class Laborer

Tim Caldwell grew up in Huntington Park, one of the ninety plus suburbs in search of a city, in Los Angeles, California. Tim moved to San Luis Obispo County 32 years ago where he was employed as an account manager for the local title companies. He has always enjoyed the arts and is a self-taught painter.

He started painting with acrylics six years ago, mentored by Atascadero artist Richard Summers. All he asks of life is a constant and exaggerated sense of his own importance. He claims to live in a world of his own, but says visitors are always welcome. He is too busy to have time for anything important. He can do without the essentials of life, but must have his luxuries. When not converting useless oxygen into valuable carbon dioxide ,he is busy contemplating the domestication of the dog. Some of the things that will live longest in his memory never really happened. He has been quoted as saying, “Try to be the best at what ever you do, even if what you do is not good. ”Tim is the type of artist who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel when he has a spare in the trunk. As Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.”