June News

 IMG_0370Featured Employee – Tim Beebee, Bar Director

Tim Beebee came to Novo in 2004. He was 19 years old, “liked beer,” and had never tried sushi. Now, 11 years later, with a European trip and Asian trek under his belt and a curious, creative appetite to boot, you can still find him behind the bar, ready to mix you something exquisite.

Tim is one of the few remaining original employees, hired when Novo was still just a deli case and a walk-up counter. He bashfully admits he had no interest in more exotic foods or wine back then, crediting his many years with Novo for his developed appreciation for finer dining.

Today he heads the bar at Novo and challenges himself to maintain a simplistic, yet innovative and different feel for the restaurant. He stays up-to-date following other bartenders and is always looking for ways to utilize local ingredients in current drink recipes.

“[I like] taking raw ingredients and bending them to however you want to and however your personality shows through…that’s what’s really cool, the versatility of it all.”  Come check out Tim soon for his latest summer treats, just around the corner!


Featured Dish – Piedmontese Ribeye Steak

If you are looking for a unique steak experience, Novo has what you are looking for.  We are now serving a delicious certified Piedmontese Ribeye steak!  The Piedmontese breed originated in Italy and has qualities that make it superior to all other breeds.  Piedmontese beef is unique because it has an inactive myostatin gene that produces a double muscled beef that’s rich in protein and nutrients. We grill our ribeyes to your liking, serving them with garlic roasted new potatoes, market vegetables and a bone marrow compound butter to finish the dish.  Novo is the only restaurant on the central coast offering Certified Piedmontese beef. A great dinner choice for your next visit to Novo!


Bar News – Novo Welcomes Scarecrow!

“Cult Cabs”, a term that is often overused, describes a Cabernet Sauvignon, usually from Napa, which is hard to come by and equally as hard on the wallet.   There are however, a few genuine producers that really do have that magical blend of the perfect vineyard, the right winemaker and the resources required to truly showcase the land the way it was meant to be.   Scarecrow, out of Rutherford, is just that special. The J.J. Cohn vineyard in Rutherford is home to the oldest vines of Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa, with the original block of Cabernet Sauvignon being planted in 1945, shortly after the successful release of his favorite movie that he ever produced, “The Wizard of Oz”.   These original 1945 plantings, now known as the “Old Men” block is reserved for the wine known as Scarecrow”. Only 400 cases of this highly sought after wine is produced annually so we feel very fortunate to have secured a small allocation for Novo which makes our award winning wine selection just that much more exciting!